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Born on May 25, 1887,  the miracle of Padre Pio’s holy existence is said to have begun when he was just five years old. On the day of his ordination to the priesthood he made an extraordinary offering:

“Jesus my life and my breath today I timorously raise you, in a mystery of love; with you may I be for the world the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and through you a holy priest, a perfect victim.”

Jesus accepted wholeheartedly, choosing Padre Pio to carry the heavy burden of wayward souls..

The need for Parde Pio to offer himself for the salvation of souls was a lifelong commitment, and one that was often times harrowing beyond anything he could’ve imagined.

By many he was called the second Saint Francis. His remarkable gifts were said to include bilocation, the apparent ability to be in two places at once), stigmata; bleeding from the palms and/or feet, healings and prophetic visions. But Padre Pio had his doubters as well. Pasquale Gagliardi, longtime archbishop of Manfredonia and his prestigious churchmen in Italy, swore on his pectoral cross that Padre Pio was “demon-possessed”. In the last years of the Padre’s life there was a campaign, started by several prominent churchmen, to discredit the friar as the focus of a cult. All ploys to prove Padre Pio fraudulent failed.

By the time Padre Pio, born Francesco Forgione, of Pietrelcina, Italy died in 1968 he was receiving thousands of letters monthly and throngs of visitors to the small 16th-century friary of Our Lady of Grace near the town of San Giovanni Rotondo in Italy where the Capuchin priest had lived for more than fifty years in an 8 x 10 foot bedroom where he insisted on sleeping on a hard pallet. Accounts of demonic activity were common throughout Padre Pio’s long career.

In a letter to a colleague Pio once wrote: “ I cannot describe to you how these wretched creatures were beating me! Several times I was near death…I turned to my angel and at length he appeared and flew all around me, and, with his angelic voice, sand hymns to the Divine Majesty.”

From the very beginning of his novitiate Pio suffered a variety of physical ailments such as attacks of vomiting. Once, for 6 whole months, he was forced to drink only milk. He also suffered routinely from violent coughing, terrible headaches, and often ran high temperatures. Oddly when he returned home he would recover only to fall ill again once he stepped through the friary doors.

As an infant Padre Pio cried continually. One night his frustrated Father, Grazio, seized the bawling infant and shook him, shouting “The good Lord must have sent a little devil into my house instead of a baby!” But in fact, throughout his life Pio insisted “It was the devil who was tormenting me.”




The first recorded instance of stigmata was that of Saint Francis of Assisi in the year 1224. Since then between 300 and 400 Christians have exhibited spontaneous wounds similar to the injuries suffered by Jesus at the time of his crucifixion. Curiously persons allegedly possessed by Satan have been known to also manifest these wounds. Likewise devout Mohammedans have exhibited stigmata.

One day, in September of 1918 while praying, Padre Pio described seeing a being of light whose hands, feet and side dripped with blood. The vision terrified him. According to those who saw Padre Pio directly after this vision Pio’s hands and feet were perforated and bleeding profusely. Dr. Giuseppe Sala, who was Pio’s personal physician during the latter years of the friar’s life, reported on examining the stigmata on Pio’s hands and feet several times. There is also written accounts by several friars who worked closely with Pio when he needed help in dressing and bathing. One of these was Father Alessio Parents who I spoke with while researching this article.

Padre Pio’s wounds were said to have been clearly visible on the upper and lower surfaces of his hands, circular in shape and approximately three quarters of an inch in diameter.

Dr. Giorgio Festa, a surgeon in Rome, studied Padre Pio between 1919 and 1925 and noted that “the depth of the lesions….does not seem to be very great.” However Padre Pio was unable to close his hands completely.

The Forgione family physician, Dr. Andrea Cardone, recalled that the wounds he examined “pierced the palms completely through, so much so that one could see light through them…”

One assumes the discrepancy in diagnosis is due to varying stages of the stigmata. As for the purported wounds in his left  side, most witnesses attest that it was cruciform in shape and about three inches long.

When asked whether the stigmata hurt Pio replied: “ Do you think the Lord gave them to me for decoration?”

A mysterious aroma was said to emanate from the wounds, sometimes described as smelling like violets, roses or carnations. Dr. Festa told of taking a small cloth stained with Pio’s blood for examination. The cloth was enclosed in a case and although there was strong ventilation in the car, other passengers smelled the fragrance very distinctly.

An odor of “sanctity” has been pointed out in other cases, most notably in that of St Teresa of Avila. Father Alessio Parente confirmed that Padre Pio was concerned a pleasant scent meant that a healing or prayer would be answered. However if the smell was rancid often times there would result an unfortunate event, such as death.

The wounds humiliated Pio and he tried his best to hide them. At times they would disappear only to return sometimes more painful than ever.




For the salvation of others Padre Pio was known to say more than 30 rosaries each day, and abstain from eating no more than a handful of food in a 24 hour period. In his 60’s he was said to have attained “spiritual union”, the highest degree of mysticism. There are some who believe that Pio had knowledge of what is known as the akashic chronicle. According to some teachers of the occult, every thought and action that takes place in the physical world is recorded in the akasha, or “astral light” which fills all space. They also believe in this celestial medium certain people can read the record of the past.

There were countless instances where Padre Pio correctly predicted the future, and relayed information about the past before it was possible for him to know. Pio would say that from early childhood he had regularly conversed with Jesus and the Madonna. They were as real to him as his flesh and blood colleagues.

He referred to his visions and the voiced he heard as “locutions.” He credited much of his knowledge to the assistance of his guardian angel who would translate letters written in foreign languages which Pio could not read. With the help of his guardian angel he would respond to the letters, not in English, but in the same foreign language as were received.

One confessor, Federico Abresch, recalled that Padre Pio knew his entire past even mentioning the number of times the man had missed mass.

Some of Pio’s disciples claimed that he visited them through bi-location. Suor Beniamina, a nun from Florence recalled, “One morning, after I had received Communion, Padre Pio appeared to me and comforted and blessed me.”

Many had interpreted these bilocations as “astral projections.” Pio never liked to talk about them. When questioned he said, “ I only know that it is God who sends me. I do not know whether I am there with my soul or body, or both of them.”




The archives of Our Lady of Grace contain volumes of testimony that, through Padre Pio’s prayers, over 1,000 people pronounced hopelessly ill by their doctors were cured of such serious illnesses as cancer, heart disease, birth defects, tuberculosis, diabetes and even paralysis.

One well documented case of healing is the cure of Maria Rosa De Angelis in the Spring of 1948. A medical certificate signed by Dr. Antonio Buda of Laureano, in the south of Italy, stated that medical examinations on March 25, 1947, revealed that the patient was suffering from “an aneurysm of the ascending aorta.” When he re-examined the woman on July 24, 1948, he found “a noticeable improvement…with a marked reduction of the aneurysmic swelling. The reason for the improvement, the physician added, “cannot be attributed to the usual medical treatments.”

There was also a case in which a spiritual son of Padre Pio, a laborer named Giovanni Savino, was the victim of a dynamite explosion in which he lost his left eye. Miraculously, after some weeks, the lost eye which has only been a bloody socket, returned, and with it his full sight was corrected.

To those who sought healings from him Padre Pio made every effort to draw attention away from himself. Often he would only say “Let’s pray to God.” Usually after this a healing would occur, sometimes up to a year later. However if he said, “Let’s resign ourselves to the will of God”, or said nothing at all, the healing was not to be.

Those close to Padre Pio were convinced that his prayers were especially effective because of his intimate relations with God and Mary who he called “My Little Mother.”

In the aspects of healing, stigmata, and bilocation he was thought to be “Charismatic”, a term for supernatural gifts also attributed in the Bible to a handful of individuals including Christ, Moses, and Apostles Peter, John and Paul.



In the last years of his life Padre Pio suffered the most severe diabolical attacks he had ever known. Although his faith was stronger than ever his body was growing weak. By the summer of 1968, Pio, then 81 years old, was practically bedfast and frequently in great pain. After much anguish and suffering a weary and frail Padre Pio passed away on September 23rd in his room at Our Lady of Grace. The last words on his lips were: Gesu, Maria.

Today people continue to pray to Padre Pio, the first stigmatized priest in the history of the Catholic church who so utterly devoted himself to God and a life of holiness. Along with pendants of the Virgin Mary and other follows who are convinced that the grace of a miracle did and can take place in their lives. Padre Pio was canonized by Pope John Paul II on June 16, 2002, in Rome.

As Padre Pio himself said during his lifetime: “I will stand at the gates of Heaven until all my spiritual children have entered.”







Special thanks to Father Alessio Parente, O.F.M., Capuchin for his enlightening conversation and information.

And to Maria Calandra of the National Center for Padre Pio in Barto, PA.






Padre Pio: The True Story – C. Bernard Ruffin 1982

The Mystery of the Cross in Padre Pio of Pietrelcina

Gerardo Di Flumeri, 1977

Fr. Alessio Parente – Memiors and personal writings.



December 10, 2016

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Some body balancing effects of the plates reported are the lowering of stress and fatigue. There are endless uses discovered by users of the plates. Some personal uses I found are helping with nausea, stomach pains, cramps, weakness, headaches, eye strain and improving my drinking water. Burns, cuts, aches and pains involve a sudden change in the normal vibration rate of the tissue- the theory is that the energy from the plates helps to accelerate the healing and return the injured area to its normal rate of vibration.

Wholistic health practitioners such as Reiki, Massage Therapists, Reflexologists, as well as Chiropractors and conventional physicians incorporate the plates in their work. Some people meditate on a large plate. Clairvoyants, Psychics, Mediums and Channelers claim their abilities are enhanced when using the purple plates.

Joshua Stone, renowned author of Beyond Ascension and many other books, says: “I put a large Purple Plate under my drinking water stand and use the plate to energize the crystal I keep in my water jug. I store my homeopathic remedies on one. I also have a plate on which I have placed a picture of myself. The picture is energized and cleared and has a radionic effect on my body. A friend put them in the walls of the house she was having built. I do not own stock in the company, nor do I know the person who invented them. I am just very excited about all the ways this Purple Energy Plate can be used. How can you afford not to get one?” Even plates that are more than 35 years old seem to be working as effectively as ever!

First created in 1971 by scientist Ralph Bergstresser who had worked with Nikola Tesla on the theory of “Free Energy. ” Tesla, perhaps the most inventive genius of the 20th Century, is responsible for many of the modern conveniences we have come to know including the Radio, Cryogenic engineering, energy transmission to satellites, electrotherapeautics, Ultra Violet Lighting, The AC Current, X-Rays, The Tesla Coil (used in every radio and TV set) and laid the foundation for what would become Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or the MRI. There are countless other Tesla inventions.


December 10, 2016



Renee Richards has been a practicing and professional psychic medium for nearly 30 years. California born, but now residing in the majestic landscape of Arizona, she hosts her own radio show “PSYCHIC MEDIUM RENEE RICHARDS” on the Blog Talk Radio Network, Each Friday at 8 PM EST. This gives first time callers a chance to experience Renee’s very apt expertise at mediumship and psychic abilities.
A mother of 3 beautiful sons, an avid animal lover and a vegetarian, she strives daily to reach the heart center, stay centered, balanced and remain a pure conduit of communication between this world and the next. Like all of us, she is learning each day more and more, and has excelled in her craft so much that Bob Olson, founder of Afterlife TV (on Youtube) has named her as one of the best psychics of our time. She continues to impress and always brings hope and comfort to her clients. Living with “spirits” has become the norm for Renee, and she handles all of the otherworldly instances with grace, respect and gratitude. She has added much to our planet and to individuals seeking contact with passed on loved ones- something that all of us will eventually face in our lives. We are indeed fortunate to have Renee Richards in our realm, in this time and space.

CD: (Corrine De Winter) When someone asks you: “What is my Life Purpose?”- a common theme, how do you answer?

People ask this question all the time, through 20 years of professional readings this question rings through all the years.
Years ago, at one point I asked it of myself. This is an honest question. This question is probably one of the most asked.

Usually my answer to my clients has to do with their life path, as is seen from their energy. I connect into their higher self, and actually have a conversation with the soul energy to find out what is the most important. Another component is holding their energy while they, maybe for the first time ever felt grounded, and centered. With this added to the mix, the answers will start to move to the top, and as they move through the energy, and to the mind, the message can be given.

I feel it is important for all people who are having a deep clairvoyant reading, to be held. What I mean is to be held in their energy, to have the experience, and ability to hold their energy. Most who come for readings, don’t understand this integral part of energy work. Some are very vulnerable, but this is the point, this is the meeting where the energy will change the client, they will become clear, grounded and centered. At that moment they can listen and hear on multi levels but before this they have no idea. The reader is talking to the personality. With this work preparing them for a reading, the reading becomes multi-dimensional. The topics and emotions that are talked about, are very important. The energy will also stay in their energy for a while, so that even though they may not fully understand something at the moment, energetically it sits in their energy, so as their perceptions change the energy is integrated to the highest good of this soul. Multi-dimensional readings can only be done, if the person is held.

Another very important component is the Christ consciousness – Love. Some clients have never felt this love, unconditional universal love. This is a new way of helping clients that do not have the rationale, or the ability to understand multi dimensionally, or that deep soul connection. With this type of connection that is “held” for them they feel it for the first time. This will send them on their own soul adventure, then the original question which is “What shall I do with my life?” seems to be answered. Not just verbally, but in the soul, and when they do they are open to new perspectives on life. This is not just words from a Medium, we can actually feel it. With those new perspective comes the understanding, then change directed by their soul. This learning goes on and on. This is the true gift of a reading, and also a gift for the reader.


Renee has said before that the people who we see in life who are “wicked” or unkind may be doing the hardest job of all here on earth- They agreed to play an awful role before coming here so to speak. It is hard for us to understand such cruel actions because we are only human, true, but what if we ourselves “landed” a role like that in this life? I often say of people that seem heartless that the worst punishment for them must simply being who they are. Would we want to see life through their eyes? Certainly not!


As you might expect Renee has witnessed and interacted with both Angels and Demons” or dark energies, entities, etc.

CD: DOES EVIL, DEVILS, etc exist?

RENEE: Well, yes and no… What we have when we experience scary looking beings is our own fear, almost as if we ourselves have created these entities. The first time I witnessed them I had just begun my deep studies into being a medium- luckily my instructor knew what was happening and explained that they in fact were not “real.” They could not hurt me. I have seen these dark beings in other places, occasionally in my home but I hardly allow them to stay long.

CD: I have said many times that as a woman who has probably gotten readings from around 30 psychics in my lifetime, I have never ever experienced the connection and ability that you have Renee- (Just so the reader knows I have personally gotten information from Renee that in no way could she ever know, and indeed even asked my Mom on the other side to go tell Renee to call me because I was so upset- and guess what? The next day Renee came to me & said “OK, what is wrong? Your Mom was here & she said that you were not ok…”)

I know you are nearly 100% pure love, but I can’t help but be in awe of the other more famous psychics and mediums who don’t seem to have half your talent, and charge 5 times as much as you, AND have their own shows!.
Can you comment on that please?

RENEE: We are all nearly 100% light, but we came here to experience being human. Most do not recognize their higher self (soul self), they live within the confines of the personality, which contains the ego lower and higher, this is the drive.
The famous psychics and mediums came here to do work also, just in a different way. These souls are recognized more by the general public. They have the star quality along with abilities. They are here to bring it out more, but they only bring it to the astral level, not the deeper levels of learning. It seems that the most are not ready for the deeper connections, there are a lot though now that are looking for this. If you are not ready, you will not be attracted by it. You will be attracted at a different level. As these people are attracted to the new “Medium Super Stars.” It only goes so far, they are opening, just maybe not ready for the real teachings that go with it. Also its just exposure.

Your Mother recently passed away- What might that have showed you or taught you that you never knew before?


My mother had Alzheimers so the lessons came in two parts. While she was alive and suffered from the disease, she could not talk, lost the ability. My mother showed me the communication and the connection to talk to her from the other side. This is pivotal point, as I learned how it is done. I also learned this from your family. The connection became so clear that I could see them with my eyes open, and to communicate with them. Usually the communication was to put the loved ones at ease.

When my mother passed. I assumed that she would come right to me, in her higher self. As I was with her and held her as she took her last breath in this world. I was enlightened about this also, at another pivotal point. The master teacher Christ whom I work with came to me and told me that I was to learn a different way of communicating. I should be patient and wait. I had seen my mother instantly at death, but she was not in her higher body, she was in her astral body. I saw her everywhere, I started to worry if she had passed on fully? I then realized, this was her left over, sort of to say, body. The vibration that is everyone, and that we leave that energy in places. As I usually do I started to clear her energy, and was told no, this is bringing comfort to others mainly my step father, and my sister.
About 2 months later my mother pulled her energy, herself, her own astral energy, and then I felt it so strong-she was completely on the other side. Then she came to me all in green, and we communicated. She had a favorite green dress she loved. She looked beautiful and young and the light was amazing. This taught me the importance of the astral body after death. This energy is much easier for people to see and feel. Even in death she was helping and loving.

CD: I realize that love is the bottom line of everything, and I am sure you know this too- Is everything that happens to us meant to be so to speak? There is free will of course, how much are we really in control of?

RENEE: We have free will. Our choice. I believe there is not just one scenario, there are many. I believe that the choices we make every day change and move the so called life plan to a new and different route. On the soul level, from the higher dimensions there is no right or wrong, just an experience. So whatever you choose, that liquid consciousness responds, to your way of thinking and believing in a heartfelt way. We have the choice, we have the ability to know, we have the ability to shift, and to grow. Some do realize, some don’t. We cannot judge others for the way they choose to go.

CD: I find it funny when “Lightworkers” are constantly referring to Archangel Michael or Raphael, etc. Are the angels really in so many places at once?

RENEE: They do seem to be popular. The truth is that the Arc Angels cannot come to this dense of an environment. The Arc Angels hold space for us. To communicate with them. There is a communication going on. But this communication is at a higher dimension. It is when I look into someone’s energy, I will see the Arc Angel that is there is either behind, above them, or up higher in the higher chakras. That is why people can see them, and hear them at times. The regular angels are here for us also. There are so many of them. Right now they are very, very close. What that means is the communication is easier. I always instruct people who are learning to communicate to start there with the angelic realm. This is the easiest to feel and know. They are so full of love, and they give you this gift, unconditionally at any point.

CD: I know you are leaning toward teaching & you are currently mentoring some people- Besides listening to your “Teaching Tuesdays” and your regular Renee Richards Show on Friday nights (on BTR) what can we, as seekers, be doing to “raise” our awareness, or empower our own abilities?

The entry point for people is the door that leads inside. It all starts with you. To know your own energy, to know yourself, to forgive yourself and to love yourself. Then you move to grounding, and centering work. Clearing work that rids the bodies of the negative thought patterns, and beliefs that control most of us. This is normal, this lesson teaches us about thought patterns, and repeating behavior. This learning process is necessary to start to move through the 3rd dimensional earthly dense material, to the lighter higher energy material. There is where the magic starts.
You can have all the abilities in the world, but if you hate yourself, and everyone else you’re going to have a problem.

CD: Many have returned from Near Death Experiences to relay their stories-Whether you want to call it “Summerland” or “Heaven” – you have, I believe, glimpsed what it might be like in the “outer realms”- Can you tell us what your experiences of Heaven and those regions have been like?

There are realms of just color and feelings, realms of beings and light. I have visited the Christ talking with groups of people in other dimensions, with green grass, and beautiful temples, where angels sing. I have seen complete darkness, and the liquid void where only love was there in the darkness with nothing else, where I felt no body, no concepts, nothing but joy and love.

We create what we want to see and feel. When we move to the other dimensions, which we are experiencing all the time.

CD: Can you please comment on Karma? I think that Karma does not necessarily play out in our current lives, but perhaps in past & future lives too.

I do not believe in Karma. This is an illusion. Created to bring to us an understanding of right and wrong, the same as sin. Karma suggest to us that there is a right or wrong. There really is no right or wrong. We don’t need a Father figure, we don’t need to be punished or have it held over us to simply have a frame work to work from.

There is a balance to the universe-To all that is. That is all.

CD: You have spoken before of every single human being having the same “light” in them, even people like Adolph Hitler- does this mean you believe that all of us have the same abilities to be “good” or “bad?”

Remember good and bad only apply here, on earth. We are all created the same with the same light. The only difference is that some are more aware at this time of their own inner light.

This is the planet for learning. You must have polarities to learn. Good and bad, black and white, male and female. None of that is in the higher dimensions. It is all about creating, the higher dimension is creative. We are co-creators moving through this planet. The lowliest person, as we would see them here on earth, has the same brilliant light that God has- we are connected to that light, we have never been disconnected. We are created in the image of God. We are love. We are here to learn. We learn from different humans playing different roles. This is how we learn compassion, love, empathy, and many other lessons.

CD: Sometimes, being as “special” as you are, is it harder or easier to deal with everyday life? I know you see spirits often, wherever you are. How has this shaped your life?


This was difficult when I was young. I just didn’t get it. I thought others were like me. My mother would always say I was a very hard child to raise. I would talk about crazy things, as she would say. Then as I aged I started to see more and more, hearing and seeing. I have visions to this day with my eyes open, and I have them with my eyes closed, and I see colors everywhere. It was just so much. I actually went to a doctor and asked them to run a blood panel for hormones and other things to see if I had some imbalance. Nope. Healthy as a horse, and nothing out of the ordinary.

Soon I had specific visitations, from Angels and Christ, and Masters. I had no idea who they were. They were teaching me, and guiding me.

I have dealt with so much in my life, it has aided me now. I can clearly see the purpose of each action, whereas before I had not a clue. I came from a place of abuse, and anger, and just hating myself. To the reward of course with a lot of inner work, love for myself and unity consciousness with love for all. As I love myself I love others. We are all connected. We are love. I have evolved, partially kicking and fighting all along the way, to totally surrendering unto the source of all that is through the Christ consciousness, and now the divine feminine. Inside us all is the threefold flame of divinity that we carry. It is divine power which is source God, and divine love which is the Mother, and the divine wisdom which is Christ.

December 10, 2016



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March 4, 2014

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Do you not realize that your life here
Is so small in the scheme of things?
You get frustrated and depressed from small earthly things when they do not
really matter in the big picture.
What matters is that you live as fully as you can, That you Love as fully as
you are able to- That you are kind and give of your heart to others who have
much less.
I tell you this now,
with a wisdom beyond what you are maybe incapable of grasping- This life
here is not the end- it is the beginning.
When you look back on this world and this life from beyond You will laugh,
and realize…

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March 4, 2014

Do you not realize that your life here
Is so small in the scheme of things?
You get frustrated and depressed from small earthly things when they do not
really matter in the big picture.
What matters is that you live as fully as you can, That you Love as fully as
you are able to- That you are kind and give of your heart to others who have
much less.
I tell you this now,
with a wisdom beyond what you are maybe incapable of grasping- This life
here is not the end- it is the beginning.
When you look back on this world and this life from beyond You will laugh,
and realize that all these incidents and impossibilities were temporary
lessons that you did your best at- and that it was good enough.
You did your best in these impossible, earthly situations.
No one expected more. No one.
You are too hard on yourself.

It’s okay,
We are human beings, trying to BE.
And that is enough.





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March 4, 2014

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